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Helm Control Panel

Helm Control Panel Website Hosting

Helm lets you manage your complete hosting package! Here are some of the more important features of Helm.

Manage Email Accounts
Customers can add, update and remove email accounts (POP3 accounts). The number of email accounts available for a domain is set at the package level. This means if a customer's package has more than one domain, the number of email accounts are distributed among all the domains.

Manage Email Forwarding
Customers can add, update and remove email forwarders. Like email accounts, email forwarders can be controlled from admin, reseller or customer accounts.

Manage FTP Accounts
Customers can add, update and remove FTP accounts. FTP accounts can be set to have specific read and write permissions. This means a read-only or write-only FTP account can be created at any time.

Manage ODBC DSNs
Customers can add, update and remove ODBC DSNs for MS Access, MS Excel, MySQL (where appropriate) and MS SQL (where appropriate). Because all database management is controlled by Helm, adding ODBC DSNs is very much straightforward. In many cases adding a new DSN is as simple as typing the name of the DSN and selecting the database from a list available to the customer.

Database Manager
This feature provides a quick overview of the databases that are installed for a domain. Customers can instantly create MS SQL, MySQL, and MS Access databases and users.

Manage Sub-Domains
Sub-domains allow users to use full host names to access subfolders within their accounts, such as This is a great alternative when the customer doesn't need email etc for the sub-domain, but just needs it for a few webpages or files.

Manage Domain Aliases
Domain aliases will allow a customer to have additional domains that map their website and email for another domain. This is also a great way of arranging a way for a customer to test out a set up before a domain is pointing to the servers.

File Manager
Helm provides a file manager that allows a customer to access all of their disk space. They can browse, create, edit and move folders and documents for their domain. This even includes a WYSIWYG editor at no extra cost.

DNS Zone Editor
Helm lets you configure custom global DNS zone records that will be added to all domains set up under an account. This means that you don’t have to add DNS entries in every domain for services that you offer (such as statistics and access to Helm).

Manage MIME Types
Customers can add, update and remove MIME types. This allows a customer to add additional services such as WAP, should this not be provided by default.

Keep an eye on web site traffic generated by the domains set up in your control panel, via at-a-glance charts which cover 24 hour and 30-day periods. Helm also supports the integration of other statistics packages.

Custom Error Pages
Helm lets you specify Custom Error pages for your domains, instead of being directed to the default error pages (such as “Page cannot be found”). This lets you integrate your own error pages that are themed alongside your domain.

FrontPage Extensions
You have the ability to install FrontPage Extensions on your domain which allow you to use FrontPage to publish to your domain.

Manage Secure Folders
Using Helm and IISPassword by Troxo customers can set secure folders in their web directory. Setup users and groups through Helm to manage access to directories in your web site.

Manage Default Documents
Setup any page you like as the default document for your web site. Use this to setup default home pages such as home.html or others not supported at startup.

Monitor Disk Usage

Create Temporary URLs

Setup Web Forwarding

Much more is included and will be posted here soon.

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