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Microsoft FrontPage Extensions

Microsoft FrontPage Extensions Manager Website Hosting

Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003 uses FrontPage 2002 Server Extensions from Microsoft.

FrontPage Server Extensions are server-side scripts (script: A type of computer code used to perform tasks on Web pages, such as incrementing a "number of visitors" counter each time there is a new visitor. Web scripts can be written in several script languages. Scripts do not need to be compiled to be run.) that extend the functionality of FrontPage. These extensions support features such as hit counters, data collection, e-mail processing, and database processing. For a list of features that require FrontPage Server Extensions, see FrontPage Server Configuration Options and Features. To use features that require FrontPage Server Extensions, contact your hosting provider or server administrator to find out if they support FrontPage Server Extensions.

If you are a hosting provider or server administrator, see Overview of FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 from Microsoft for additional information.

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