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Microsoft Enterprise Manager

Microsoft Enterprise Manager Website Hosting

Enterprise Manager is the primary administrative tool for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and provides a MMC–compliant user interface that allows users to:

Define groups of servers running SQL Server.
Register individual servers in a group.
Configure all SQL Server options for each registered server.
Create and administer all SQL Server databases, objects, logins, users, and permissions in each registered server.
Define and execute all SQL Server administrative tasks on each registered server.
Design and test SQL statements, batches, and scripts interactively by invoking SQL Query Analyzer.
Invoke the various wizards defined for Microsoft SQL Server.
MMC is a tool that presents a common interface for managing different server applications in a Microsoft Windows network. Server applications provide a component called an MMC snap-in that presents MMC users with a user interface for managing the server application. SQL Server Enterprise Manager is the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 MMC snap-in.

To launch Enterprise Manager, select the Enterprise Manager icon in the Microsoft SQL Server program group. On computers running Microsoft Windows 2000, you can also launch Enterprise Manager from Computer Management in Control Panel. MMC snap-ins launched from Computer Management do not have the ability to open child windows enabled by default. You may have to enable this option to use all the Enterprise Manager features.

In SQL Server 2005, Enterprise Manager is replaced by Management Studio, which provides a single interface to functionality provided by Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer and Profiler in SQL Server 2000.

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